Sarah Kaplan

Community Capital and Co-op Attorney

(312) 469-0794 

Raise Capital From Your Community

Possibility Consultation

In this consultation, we will

  1. Create a sense of clarity about your potential sources of capital.
  2. Identify the biggest hurdle between you and raising the capital you need.
  3. Clearly lay out the steps along the path to your capital campaign
  4. Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards being able to start raising the money.
  5. Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to move your business towards growth and success.

My purpose is to help build our new regenerative economy, one business at a time. 

I serve cooperative businesses, entrepreneurs, local independent businesses, and the investors who want to support them. I believe that a strong local economy, especially one with lots of cooperatives, does a lot of good.  Since 2012, I have handled things like organizational documents and investment deals for start-up food co-ops, worker co-ops, and mission-driven businesses.